More than a Skischool

Specializaton – Ski and Snowbord School Selva Courses

Are you a traditional alpine skier? Would you like to make your first telemark turns or would you like to improve your technique?
Telemark style is the most ancient skiing technique, whose name was taken from the Norwegian tribe “telemark”, which invented it. The main feature of this discipline is the “free heel”, moreover, it combines the characteristic elegance of the tradition with the dynamical features of the new materials/ski equipment.

New School
Off-piste skiing, exploring untouched and isolated slopes can be the best skiing experience ever, you will have a taste of the absolute freedom of skiing without restrictive nets, signboards or poles!
This kind of freedom, however, has also some rules imposed directly by nature; skiing off-piste, the instructors of the ski school of Selva will have the opportunity to make you understand and, at the same time, teach you to evaluate the different signals given by the mountains, surrounding us.
You will enter the freestyle world and deal for the first time with kickers, rails and half pipes, moreover, there are always new tricks awaiting our already well-experienced guests!
Enjoy yourself in a completely safe experience.

Special lessons for disabled people
The Ski School of Selva has, among the members of its team, skilled instructors specialized in teaching to disabled people. We are proud and glad to offer the chance to learn this amazing sport to all those, who would like to experience the wide range of emotions that only this sport can give.

Agonistic skiing
Also other ski schools’ instructors are trained by our national ski instructors. Our national ski instructors and our certified national trainers, will transmit you their passion teaching you the different techniques corresponding to the different skiing disciplines (giant slalom and slalom), in addition, they will also help you to improve the technique of your agonistic curve.

Teaching to children
Being a ski school specialized in teaching to children, we are always interested in the latest pedagogic, didactic and technic news and aiming to be ready to give to all our little guests an amazing ski experience, we always struggle to adopt a funny and modern teaching approach.